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I'm grateful each time clients take the time to recount their positive experiences. Testimonials give prospective clients a sense of the service and professionalism I offer. Please take some time to read the following.

Two years ago I saw a picture of myself and was shocked to see how I had let myself go. Right then I committed to making a forever change – no fad diets or unrealistic exercising regimes, just making better food choices and committing to Jazzercising regularly.

I challenged myself to be a better healthy example for my family. Jazzercise has helped me to achieve this and more! I am now fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I have lost weight, gained muscle, more energy, better skin and hair, and most of all – I can keep up with my kids!

I love the supportive community that comes with Jazzercise – the instructors that motivate and new friends that encourage!


I started Jazzercise mid 2018 it was difficult at first as I’m very family orientated and always put them first - I have 2 teenage girls 15 & 18 so life is busy but I was starting to feel very down and gaining weight, putting myself as last priority.

I ran into an old friend in the supermarket and she said come to Jazzercise so I met her one Friday afternoon and did my first class - let’s just say I’m addicted. I am more organized, feel better both mentally and physically, my health and fitness levels have improved and I now put myself as a priority. Jazzercise is my me time!!

If I’m Happy & Healthy so is my family - if I miss a few classes due to work commitments etc my crew soon say mum you need to get to Jazzercise!

It is a great community environment with women of all ages (some of the older ladies totally inspire me) - plenty of classes 7 days a week if you haven’t tried Jazzercise give it a go! Jazzercise will change your life Physically & Mentally you won’t regret it.