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Exercise in Air Conditioning

Why Should You Avoid Exercising In Air Conditioning? How many of you realise that air conditioner can be super harmful to your health? No one right? Yes! It harms our health and does not even give you the desired result while you are working out with a lot of efforts. These days we barely find gyms that are not air-conditioned? Staying in metro cities have a lot of disadvantages and this is one of them. If you want to exercise in the standard gyms, you will get air condition almost everywhere. Even if you want to exercise in your own room, you switch on the AC and then you expect you will be sweating in order to burn fat. Unfortunately, we do not realise that air conditioner can be super harmful to your health. Yes! It harms our health and does not even give you the desired result. Hence, have a look at the side effects of using air-conditioned Gym or room. 

Difficulties in warming your body: If you are working in the air-conditioned room, it will take a long time to warm up your body. So, while warming up the body, it extracts most of your energies which makes you tired and exhausted easily. So, in that case, you hardly left with the energies to work more passionately on other workouts.

The body cools down fast:If the air condition is on, it will make your body cool down faster. This will lay negative effect on your workout. You may work hard to warm your body and burn fat if you take just 30 seconds gap it again let your body reach the pre-warming state. So ultimately, all your hard work goes in vain.

The body loses less toxins: Working out does not only make your body lose the fat by sweating, but it also takes out the toxins and harmful materials through the sweating. So, the more your sweat, your body lose the toxins. That is why the athletes never prefer to work out on the air-conditioned gym.

You feel sleepy and lazy: People generally prefer to go to the gym in the morning or after 7 pm. These two times want the body to gather more energy which it has lost during the daytime and the night time. So, you generally feel sleepy during this time. The air-conditioned room makes your feel more lazy and exhausted.

Difficulties in doing Cardio exercises: If you try to do cardio exercises, your heart rate becomes faster which makes you lose weight. Normal temperate helps your heart beat faster and burn more calories. Hence, you can understand how badly you have to try to do the cardio exercises. Although, some pre-workouts make people more active by increasing the heart rate.