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The Benefits of Strength Training

What Are The Benefits of Strength Training?

Strength training helps your muscles become stronger by doing regular strength training (also called resistance training or weight training). It’s a form of exercise that strengthens muscle, resulting in many health benefits including a reduced risk of diabetes and osteoporosis.

Increased muscle strength. This can improve your endurance so your muscles can do more without getting fatigued as quickly.

 Better bone density. As muscles get stronger, they exert more of a ‘pull’ on bones and this helps stimulate bone growth.

Better balance, flexibility and stability. Stronger muscles help reduce the risk of falls and injury at any age — this becomes more important as you get older.

Lower risk of insulin resistance and diabetes. Strength training improves blood sugar control and lowers insulin resistance which can help to manage existing diabetes. Muscles also need glucose for fuel — by using up more glucose, stronger muscles can help keep blood glucose levels healthy to lower your risk of developing diabetes.

Reduced depression symptoms. Strength training has been found to be beneficial for people with depression and can help them experience fewer symptoms.

Less pain from arthritis. By strengthening the supporting muscles around joints, strength training can ease the strain on joints and lessen the amount of pain experience. It can also help relieve the strain on weight bearing joints because of its role in weight loss.

Improved physical function in older age. Now that we’re living longer, strength training helps older people make the most of these extra years by helping them maintain strength and flexibility — and by reducing the risk of chronic disease.