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The Six best tips to stay with the exercise habit longer

Research suggests that it takes 28 days to form a new habit. So how can you form a new life-long exercise habit, to promote lasting health, wellness, and fitness?

Jazzercise Nambour Tips

Your new at exercise, here is a few tips to keep you going and to change your mindset around your workout from something you ‘should do’ every day to something you ‘just do’ every day. These tips will help you form that exercise habit.

1. Keep a Jazzercise bag beside your bed

Making something a habit means making it as easy as possible. So, keep your Jazzercise bag stashed with your workout pants, sports bra, runners, and water bottle at the end of your bed so it’s waiting for you every morning. Simply add a fresh t-shirt and socks for each new workout – then wash the load at the end of the week.

2. Put your workout gear on

Sometimes when we can’t seem to muster the motivation to exercise, the simple process of putting our workout gear on can get the gears in motion and before we know it – we’re out the door and on your way to the studio. It’s amazing how just starting something can help you follow through with the rest of the actions.

3. Do a variety of workouts

If you feel like ‘there’s no point going to a workout’ – then make a point! Set a goal that is meaningful to you. Try a variety of classes, Dance Mixx, Hitt, Fusion and Strength. Having a goal to work towards will give purpose to your workouts.

4. Get your friends on board

Continue your commitments by talking to the instructors about the different class formats we offer. If exercise still isn’t an immediate habit for you, there’s nothing wrong encouraging a friend to come on board to keep the habit going. Challenge each other PLUS good friends don’t let friends sit on the couch- Life is too short for that!

5. Make it fun and exciting

You don’t have to push yourself to your physical limits in every workout to get the benefits of exercise. A walk in the park, a game of tennis with friends, a day of golf, or a family bike ride is a great way to unwind with the people you love and fit in your daily dose of movement. Start thinking about creative ways to keep active and you’ll naturally find more time for movement.

6. Mark it on the calendar

If you mark your workout days and times, stick with it and make other appointments around them!