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My name is Lauren. I’m a step mum and mum to 3 kids. I am also now a Certified Jazzercise Instructor. Growing up I was a pretty active kid, from playing with the neighbourhood kids to playing team sports I was generally amongst it. I managed to carry that through my 20’s but then came my 30’s and my first baby…..

I found myself gaining weight and not being able to shift it. It was becoming more difficult to climb the back stairs and get up off the floor. Things were quickly going down mentally as well, I was getting depressed. 

I was introduced to Jazzercise by my best friend. I fell in love with it. When I would leave class I would feel so good, and that feeling would last! It wasn’t long before I was planning life around my Jazzercise schedule. I became pregnant again and decided I would commit to Jazzercise through my pregnancy for as long as I felt my body could safely participate. I made it to 38 weeks. I firmly believe the consistent exercise resulted in a much quicker birth and recovery. I started back at Jazzercise 6 weeks later.

Jazzercise has absolutely changed my life for the better. I’m healthier mentally and physically. I’m an active role model for my kids but most importantly I have made priceless friendships. I couldn’t recommend Jazzercise more highly. It’s a lifestyle change, and a fantastic one at best.