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Do you want fun workouts with other women?

Do you love dancing?

Do you struggle with going to the gym?

Do you want to exercise but the gym isn’t for you?

Are you tired of doing the same workouts?

Do you find exercise unappealing? Boring? Too much effort?

Need a place to exercise where the focus was about feeling great and meeting women that have to same fitness interest.

What if your workout also benefitted your social & emotional health too?

Well, the good news is that at “Jazzercise,” you’ll find a place to work out where you belong. You’ll notice benefits to your overall health & wellbeing in a balanced, down-to-earth & fun fitness environment.

Our studio is for everyone. And we can’t wait for you to join us.

For the working woman: Let’s face it. Life is busy with work, the kids & everything in between. You’ll find a range of classes to suit your busy lifestyle. Including, online livestream classes that you can do from home, high intensity 30-minute sessions, 45 and 55minute classes.

You’ll get an overall body workout in any of our classes, so you don’t have to waste time waiting your turn to get on the weight machines. We work hard & fast plus we have fun while doing it. 

It’ll quickly become your favourite part of the day!

Not a gym person: If the idea of running on a treadmill or doing mindless repetitions on a weight machine makes you shudder or if the thought of going to the gym saps your motivation, then our classes are exactly what you need. It’s so easy to forget you’re exercising when you’re moving to great music in a fun & high-energy environment. Our classes are thoughtfully planned to be effective & fun, working out the entire body so you’ll leave feeling on top of the world.

For mums: So, you can come to class confident that we understand the importance of exercise not just for your body, but for your sanity too. Finding the time to look after yourself as a mum can be hard.  That’s why we offer a flexible range of classes. Plus, you can bring your bub or little ones to our mid-morning sessions. Just get in touch.

Women of all ages.: Our youngest client is just 18 and our most mature is nearly 65+. Whether you’re young or young at heart, you’ll find our classes beneficial for whatever level of fitness you’re at. We offer low-impact options that are easy on the joints & can adapt our range of classes to suit your needs. Let us know ahead of class so we can look after you & you can still get the full range of benefits for your cardio, strength, balance & stability.

For students: It’s no surprise that statistics show that young adults aged 18-24 spend up to 9 hours or more sitting watch TV.  And that statistic doesn’t account for the hours spent in front of a computer doing university or schoolwork. On top of this, it’s likely the number of hours being sedentary is even higher now that learning has moved online.

The issue of inactivity in young people & adolescents is something we are passionate about addressing at Jazzercise. Our aim is to provide a caring, balanced & fun place where all ages of women & girls can work out without the pressure to look a certain way.

For dancers: Our classes have just the right amount of choreography to make you nostalgic about when you were a dancer once upon a long time ago. The foundation of our classes is a mix of technique & conditioning of dance as well as pilates, yoga, kickboxing & high intensity interval training. Plus, we do it all to pumping music that you hear on the radio. Get your dance fix as well as your exercise fix in any one of our classes.

For non-dancers: Don’t let the name scare you off. We won’t be asking you to do pirouettes and you won’t need pointe shoes. We use dance techniques & conditioning as foundational for our classes. Our primary goals, include cardio, increasing stability, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination & mobility in every class.